Hi, I'm Aaron Glett

Designer from Dayton, Oh

Video / Media


Branding & Design

Wether it's building video or graphics that fits your brand, or is designed to create the value to scale with your business as it grows. Are you ready?

Market Consulting

What's trending? What do you want others to feel, see, and understand about your brand? We can implement a study of your particular area and A-B test a virtual test market for you.


Often times people don't realize what they want captured, but emotion is one of the greatest and deepest parts. Do you want photography that evokes a feeling or a place? Your goals can be reached with skill.

Audio and Video

One of the best ways to reach a market today is through media collaboration or sponsorship. People already trust many personalities online, all you have to do is get them to trust your brand. Do that and unlock the reality of evangelist based marketing.

Contact me!

I await eagerly.

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